Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Birthday Celebrations

A couple of weeks ago my Nephew celebrated his 3rd birthday.  For his birthday party we all visited Santa Clause on the Steam Train at Nene Valley in Northampton.  A super day was had by all (even the adults).  The snow arrived just in time to make the event magical and my Nephew got to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the station which was even more exciting than getting to see Father Christmas himself!

I was so busy that week designing the new workshop list as well as preparing the Kit Clubs that my lovely husband, Matthew stepped in and created this card for us to send to the Birthday boy!   Now that he has realised what he has done he regrets the fact that he has shown his creative side as this means that I can call on his talents more often!  Hope you like it!

I drew a template for the card and he drew around this onto a piece of 12x12 cardstock which had been folded in half.  The card folds at the top (across the top part of the wing).  The propellers are stuck to the front of the card with double sided tape and then the brad is added but it does not actually hold anything in place as the tape does that. 

As the card is created from a piece of folded 12x12 cardstock we had to wrap the card in brown paper instead of putting it into an envelope but I am sure that it would fit into an A5 envelope if we had had one to hand.

Paper: The Girls Paperie
Alphabet letter stickers: Adorn it
Epoxy Brads: Stemma from Masterpiece Studios
If you would like the template for the card then drop me an 
e-mail and I will forward a pdf version.

Friday, 17 December 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

Usually I work on a Saturday until 3pm but this weekend because the snow had started to fall about 10am and because the weather reports suggested that we were in for a LOT of snow we decided to close the shop and come home early.
All of the snow worked its magic on me and I began to feel very Christmassey and Crafty. Here is what we got up to ...

The girls made marshmallow truffles which involved sticking a fork into the largest marshmallows that we could find, dipping into a bowl of melted dark chocolate and then into sprinkles. The girls needed a little bit of help to get the truffles from the fork onto the greaseproof paper. Then we placed them in the fridge to set. They were quite for ages dipping and sprinkling and then again later in the day eating the finished product!

Handmade Christmas Presents ...

I always struggle with presents for Grandparents because what do you get them when they have everything they need already? This year I wanted to be a little different and send out some handmade gifts.
I went to the market Saturday morning and bought some Hyacinths in pots for all of the Nanna's in the family. I stamped a piece of calico with a Brilliance ink pad (in Rocket Red) and frayed the edges a little before sticking it to the front of the pot which I had wrapped with hessian. I attached some garden string and a little ribbon to each pot and finally added a little punched tag which was stamped with a kiss on one side and 'handmade with love' on the other.

Handmade Felt Scrubs...

I covered bars of soap with some of the wool tops that I had lying around in my workshop (next time I will use homemade soap but didn't have any for this project so used shop bought). Hope my sister is not reading this as this is one of her presents this year!