Saturday, 20 June 2015

Last minute Fathers Day card ...

If you or the kids need to make a Fathers Day card today try this little paper pieced project...

All you need is a pair or scissors, a pencil, white and black pens, some glue/tape, a selection of cardstock/papers from your craft box and the template below.

Print the template a couple of times.

Use the template to cut out parts of the design and trace around onto patterned card/paper. Cut out each section and start to piece your design together.  Use the picture above as a guide!

TIP:  You may find it easier to cut the whole of the outline (car and pressies etc) out first and then stick all of the other pieces onto that base cut out.

One the pieces are all stuck onto the base card add a little detail with pens and either stamp or hand write your message on the label.


To all of the wonderful Dads out there ... have a very Happy Fathers Day!