Friday, 13 July 2012

Yummy cake!

My girls have already been on their Summer holidays for a week.  They get roughly 8 1/2 weeks off over the Summer and even though that seems like a long time, past experience has shown that before we know it we have blinked and it is time to rush to the shops to get everything on the new years equipment list and to make sure that they have new uniform, P.E. kits, trainers and shoes ready for school.

I love the holidays and love having the girls around so this year I am determined for us to make the holiday feel as long as possible.  How am I going to do this I hear you ask?  Well by doing something every day instead of just letting the weeks all roll into one.  I'll let you know if my plan works in September!

Today the girls made a Chocolate and Banana cake which I have to say is absolutely scrummy.  We all had a piece for lunch but they don't know that I have already 'snuck' another piece this afternoon as it was too good to resist!

We sort of made the recipe up as the chickens had not laid any eggs by the time we wanted to cook and we only had 2 in the kitchen.  Here is our recipe ...

6oz S/R Flour
2oz Cocoa powder
6oz Sugar (you could put 8oz in if you like it sweeter)
8oz Sunflower oil (I did not have enough Flora to use up 8oz)
I block of dark chocolate (we used Lindt 70% as this is on offer at Waitrose and Morrisons at the moment and we had a couple of bars in the fridge)
2 Eggs (Usually I would use 3 or 4 but we only had 2 - they were quite large so we made do)
3 Bananas

Mia smashed the bar of chocolate with a rolling pin whilst Amy mashed the bananas with a fork.
Then they beat the eggs, oil and sugar together with a whisk and folded in the sifted Flour and Cocoa powder.
Finally they added the banana and chocolate pieces - stirred and poured into a greased cake tin.

We cooked the cake for approx 25-30 mins at 170 degrees.

They were very pleased with the result and even more pleased with themselves when Daddy gave it the 'thumbs up' as he is the 'baker' in the Philpott household.


Right today's activity completed and a success.  Tomorrow we are all off to the local County Show and Sunday the girls are on a promise for Swimming and the Cinema (if they are good!)

Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Another one finished ...

Hi there ...

I managed to get time to work on Mia's painting this afternoon.  Here is the finished result ...

She had specifically wanted a dog and a teddy bear in her painting...

If you are wondering why 'pickle' ... this is something that I have called her ever since she was a baby and it has stuck!  

Hope you like the piccies.  I need to find something else to paint now!


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Another little painting ...

Teresa Philpott 2012
Here is the result of a lovely morning sat at the kitchen table with lots of tea, dogs at my feet, watching the rain beat down outside.  Now I have got to paint one for Mia, then I will get them framed and hang in their bedrooms!