Monday, 16 June 2014

All patched up ...

Do you know that we have been running a craft business for  twelve years now and over that time you would not believe how many people have said that they always have to buy sheets of paper in two's ... 

... One to use and the other to stroke and look at!

I also fall into that category of crafter.  I like to stroke paper and cannot bear to throw away a piece of paper if it is larger than an inch squared.  You might think that I am mad (Mr P. does!) but I am guessing that you won't and probably even have your own box of pretty 'off cuts'.  

If you don't keep them it might be worth starting now. When you have enough you can make (almost) free cards just like the one above.

I love to think that I have made another card from bits that would have been thrown away.  They are great for keeping in your box of cards without a sentiment on ready to personalize just before writing and sending it.  That way you will always have a card for any occasion ready to use!


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