Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Thank you cards ...

Today is the last day of the girls Christmas holiday and so we wanted to make sure that the Thank you notes for all of the lovely Christmas presents were finished, written and posted.

We chose a really simple design (because they are only 8 and 5 years old).  I showed them how to cut and stamp the first card and then they were off.  I have to say that I was so impressed at how they made sure that everything was lined up and positioned neatly. 

Mia did the stamping and Amy stuck the pieces to the card.  The blue strip of paper actually folds around the back of the card as well and Amy took so much time to make sure that she did this correctly.

I even showed them how to line an envelope and Mia lined all of the envelopes for the cards.  {if you would like to know more about lining envelopes then leave me a comment and I will create a tutorial for this}

Finally she wrote 'handmade by Mia and Amy' on the back.  They made 8 cards in total and as I am writing this blog entry she is now busy writing all of the cards and Amy will add her name to the bottom of each.

If you are wondering whether I did get the second sock monkey finished for Amy last night as promised, yes I did.  I didn't get to start him until 7pm and she desperately wanted to stay up until he was finished.  In the end Daddy persuaded her to go to bed and promised that we would tuck him into bed with her when he was finished so that she would wake up with him.  I did finally get him finished at 11pm and here he is ...

No name as yet as Amy is not sure whether he is a boy or a girl!

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