Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Crafting with the Kids this Half Term ...

Today I thought I would share another use for the painted pegs that I showed you yesterday...

Here is a fridge magnet that my girls made recently.  They used a template to cut out the shape of the body and covered it with pretty paper.  They added a face and punched a hole to add a little ribbon for a tail and finally drew some hooves on the bottom of the pegs with a permanent marker.  We added some magnetic tape to the back of the pegs so that we could attach it to the fridge and hey presto!

Alternatively why not use the templates to create place settings for Sunday Lunch...  The girls spent all afternoon making these for a recent family lunch.  They made 9 in total.  After the lunch we put magnetic tape of the back of each and the guests took them home to stick onto the fridge.


Hope you have lots of fun with these !
Happy Crafting

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  1. Hi Teresa!!

    They are lovely!! And very nice!! I miss your works this time...

    In october probably I will go to London again!! I hope I can go to Hitchin... There is a new scrap store in my city, but my favourite store is Fidgeon Crafts.

    Thank you for all!