Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Parcel arrived!

Do you remember me telling you that my little Valentines presents for the girls was in the post?  Well it arrived over the weekend! 

I had ordered them a personalised mirror each from Snapdragon.  They arrived on Saturday and so I had to do my best to hide them from the girls.  Amy has already asked what is in the 'big green envelope'? 

Each mirror is absolutely beautiful and comes with a little pocket stitched with the girls names on so that they know who's is who's.  I plan on giving Mia the cupcake and Amy the dog so I hope there are no arguments on the day!

I ordered some party invitations as well for Amy's birthday party on the 3rd March but I have already written these and Amy has delivered them to her friends at school so I don't have any left to show you. 

If you are not familiar with Snapdragon's website then it is definitely worth a look!

Now all I have to do is wrap them and hide them along with Mr. P's pressie until the special day!

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