Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Carol Concert - Day 2 ...

So, this afternoon Mr. P. and I were back at the School watching the repeat performance of the girls' Carol Concert.

Each year the Nativity Play and the Carol Concert are held in the School's Chapel which is never quite big enough for all of the Mums, Dads, Grandparents and friends of family that want to watch their little superstars perform.  This year the school had the great idea of putting on 2 performances of the Carol Concert (as well as the Nativity) in the hope that this would distribute the audience across 2 days.  

On the whole it worked but there were several sets of parents (of which we were one) that were so determined to support their little ones that even if the school had arranged 100 performances we would have gone to see all of them - I'm sure that defeats the object but we did get to eat mince pies afterwards on both days so it was all good for us!

Due to the short day again today there has not been any time to create a new project so here are a set of paper collage cards that I created last year ...

I have a couple of other little projects with instructions lined up to show you over the weekend so I'll be back again soon!


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