Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New workshop list out now ...

Hello and Happy Wednesday.  Did you catch the sunshine today?  It's been almost tropical here!

As promised to all those of you who I have spoken to in the shop this week, here is the new workshop list for March and April (click on image above for the link).  

We have the usual Card Craft Days.  March is booking up already and is taking the place of the 'Mothers Day Craft Day' this year because of the date that it falls on.  We have decided that we will keep the price the same as the usual Card Craft Day but at the end we will give away flowers and chocolates for you all to take home just as we would have done with the 'Mothers Day' workshop.

As well as the usual card making workshops we have another watercolour workshop, this time themed around simple farm animals.  All of the designs will be card size but the techniques could easily be transferred onto your watercolour paintings at home.  If you would like to pop into the workshop to see the sort of paintings that I produce then feel free!

Look out for the new  'Coffee, Cake, Craft and Demo day' which is going to run every Wednesday  (10am - 1pm) from March.  This only costs £2.50 and is as much a social occasion as a craft session.  There will be a demo for the first half an hour of the session but from then there is free time to do your own thing or to have some help and inspiration with projects that you are working on.  The £2.50 will include coffee, tea and cake.

Finally look out for our new felt workshop and our new series of upcycling workshops.  

You might have noticed that our half day workshops are now 3 hours instead of 2.  We always aim to offer the best value for money and the cost of the new 3 hour workshops is still £10.  We have introduced lunch on more of our full day workshops which usually cost just £25.  We think that by doing this we are able to offer you the best value for money that we can.  Please check the details for each workshop to see if lunch is included in the workshop that you are interested in.

Put the kettle on ... make a cup of tea and enjoy browsing!  


P.S. Paper copies of the list will be available to collect in the shop from Saturday 2 Feb

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