Sunday, 26 April 2015

Spring Flowers ...

We have been stocking Avery Elle Stamps & Dies for a while now and I am a huge fan.  Not only are the designs modern and fresh but the stamps also give a crisp finish when stamped and clean cut when the dies are used.

This week I have a couple of projects to share with you - all using the Petals & Stems stamp set and the Oh Happy Day stamp set below:

Today's project is this Spring Floral card which uses the sets as well as my favourite Fluid Chalk Cats eyes from Clearsnap.

To begin, take a square white card and with a pencil lightly draw a circle in the middle of the card (the circle will pretty much fill the card - see the picture a couple of images below). I used my pen pot as it was sat on my desk but you could use your roll of double sided tape or a saucer etc. This circle will become the guide and will keep your stamping on track when creating the circular wreath.

Take the largest flower from the Petals & Stems stamp set and ink with Rose Coral fluid chalk.  Then, before stamping take a Lipstick Red chalk pad and add a little red ink around the edge of the stamp using the sponge pad of the red ink pad as the applicator. 

{I had originally intended to create this card using my Distress markers but I found that when I stamped the design the image was not particularly crisp and bled into the card.  I find that whilst there are some jobs that dye based markers & inks are great for, I much prefer pigment inks and chalk based inks if I want a crisp detailed impression so created the whole card with the fluid chalk cats eyes}

The stamp is quiet a large stamp so I placed the image just three times at regular intervals around the circle/wreath.  

You can see from the picture above that in addition to stamping the flower directly onto the card I also stamped the image three times onto 'post it' paper, carefully cut the flowers out and then used these to cover up the flowers stamped onto the card (see below).

This will create a 'masked' effect so that we will then be able to stamp over and around the flowers whilst the flowers themselves will be protected.

Once the large flowers were masked, I took one of the smaller flowers from the stamp set and using the Lipstick red fluid chalk created clusters of flowers around the circle.  Continue to use the pencil circle as a guide and also remember to position the small flowers so that they point in different directions (this will make the overall effect look more realistic and natural).

 The medium leaf was used as the base for the foliage.  This was stamped with the Lime Pastel Fluid Chalk ink pad to create a light and fresh effect.

The wreath will look more natural if you stamp over and around your masked large flowers.  REMEMBER: we have not masked the small red flowers so do not stamp over these.

The smaller fern leaf was then stamped with the slightly darker Olive Pastel fluid chalk ink pad. Again stamping over and around the large flowers will make the large flowers 'pop out' when the masks are removed later and the foliage sits 'behind' the flower designs. 

From here you could add any extra little flowers or detail to the wreath.  I took little berries etc and stamped in both Creamy Brown and Yellow Citrus fluid chalk.

{TIP: these little berries etc are great for 'balancing' up your circle so if you have not quite followed the pencil drawn circle and your design looks a little off balanced you can easily add the tiny stamped berry details to even out the circle and make the design look balanced overall}

Once you have stamped enough foliage and little details to the design you can remove the 'post it' masks.  I tend to keep these and store them with my packet of stamps so that I will not have to stamp and cut out masks next time!  You will now be able to see that the foliage looks as if it sits behind the large flowers making the larger flowers 'pop out'.

At this stage also carefully erase the pencil circle (you will be able to remove the pencil line under your stamping if you have used the fluid chalks without any smudging etc - remember to make sure it is dry before you start to rub the line out!)

Using one of the stamps from the Oh Happy Day stamp set add the sentiment with a Charcoal fluid chalk ink pad.  I stamped the 'love you' three times diagonally as I have a particular occasion in mind for this card but all of the sentiments would look good with their beautiful cursive font.

Finally add a little bakers twine to the bottom of the card, tie a bow and hey presto a beautiful card suitable for many occasions.

Look out for more ideas using these stamp sets this week.

Happy crafting!

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