Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekend Walk ...

I hope that the weather is being kind to you today.  It is beautiful here, the birds are singing and the sun is shining.  

We are getting busy with end of term bits and pieces at school now (the girls will be breaking up for Summer at the start of July) so I have been busy arranging 'school stuff' which has not left much time to create!

As a result I am afraid that I do not have a project to share with you today so instead here are a few pictures of a recent walk around the headland at Noss Mayo, South Devon (not far from Plymouth).

The walk is definitely in our top ten walks in Devon and is around 5 miles long.  A moderate amount of exertion is required to walk up the hill to the headland but it is not that bad, you can push a pushchair, I know I have done it many times.  Walking the route anti clockwise is certainly easier than clockwise as there is quite a steep slope on part of the route and it is easier to walk down than up! 

The nice thing is that you start and end with the Pub and get to see some wonderful views during the walk.

 We start in the village (at the pub) and follow the path along side the river. 

You get a different view depending on the season and whether the tide is in or not!

It really is a boat and coastal river lovers paradise!

The path takes you along the river and through a nature reserve until you eventually reach the headland.

The walk is perfect for the dogs as for most of the walk they do not have to go on a lead.  Sometimes we do come across cows with their young on the path and we do put the dogs on a lead then but otherwise they and come and go as they please!

We follow the path for a couple of miles along the headland and eventually we start to come away fro the sea, down a country path and back towards the village...

... and to the pub for coffee or lunch!

The walk itself takes about 1.5 hours (if you are not rushing and stop to take in the views).  You could easily spend an afternoon afterwards sitting outside the pub watching the tide come and go!

If you are interested and would like to know more about the walk you can find the full route and directions in this months Devon Life Magazine.

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