Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fathers Day Card ...

This year for Fathers Day we are having a little 'occasion' at the Philpott family household for both my Dad and Mr. P.   If the girls are coordinating the event (as they often do) it will involve lots of Balloons, a timed schedule of events and hand-made tickets so that you can gain entry to the living room for their 'musical performance' (which usually involves lots of giggling and then fighting over who is playing what on the piano!)

The girls are well ahead of me this year as they have already made their Daddy's cards ... so ... as I had a little time this afternoon I thought I would get to work on a card for my own lovely Dad.

Here is the result, no time to add instructions or links through to the shopping list today but I hope that you like it!

I am probably not going to get time for a post tomorrow as lots to do but I will be back next week with some more projects ... hope you can join me!

Have a great Weekend!

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  1. Have a lovely day all of you.

    Thank you for such a lovely workshop today. Really enjoyed it and learnt such a lot.

    Love Lynda