Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A little more felting ...

I've been busy felting since my last post!  I decided that my first little robin needed a little friend and here he is ... 

Needle felt robin

This time I thought that he deserved a pair of legs which are made from black wire (I will get round to giving the first one a pair of legs as well ... just in case you were thinking of reporting me to the RSPB!). 

Here are the little birds are waiting to be hung on my Christmas tree which goes up this weekend!

Hmm, something makes me think that we might actually have a family of robins by the time Christmas arrives as I just can't stop making them. 

I've also been busy felting Christmas stockings for the girls to hang out for Santa and here are the finished results ...

Finally ... I made a little felted bag which was supposed to be my 'Work in Progress' bag for my current projects ... like my sock knitting.  The only trouble is that before I could claim it as mine Mia decided that she likes it so much she would like me to give it to her for Christmas!  Amy then decided that she should have one as well and has placed an order for another one in a different colour.

I think I might be busy for a while!

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