Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Shopping ...

We are well and truly getting in to the Christmas spirit at the Philpott house!

This is the first year that the girls have wanted to go Christmas Shopping and buy their own presents for people instead of just wrapping something that I have bought and given to them.  They have been saving their pocket money for a while and Mia has even asked if she can do chores to earn some money in order to top up her spending money.
This weekend was the special weekend and on Sunday we all trotted off to Darts Farm at Topsham, Exeter.  
We had lots of fun!  Daddy and I had to keep splitting up, taking one of the girls with us each time so that they could find a present in secret.  We had lots of running back to the car to hide the bags and lots of dodging each other in the store.  On more than one occasion we did not plan where we were going to meet properly and so also had lots of waiting around.  Lots of hints were dropped when we saw something that we liked to point the other party in the direction of the perfect present (I cannot lie ... the hints were mostly from me in Mr P's direction!).  
We had a lovely day and the girls mission was accomplished - everyone on the list with a pressie!

After shopping we needed a walk along the sea front at Exmouth ...

The beach makes Mia want to do cart wheels!

 And makes Amy want to take her shoes and socks off despite being advised that it was a little too cold!

The girls are always looking out  for heart shaped stones, shells and well anything heart shaped that they can give me to keep so we just had to take a picture of this little shell and its heart shaped shadow ...

And of course we had to make our mark on the sand!

We had a lovely walk and things were going all so well until Amy caught her toe in a net on one of the sand dunes.  At first we thought that she had just grazed it but a morning in Accident and Emergency at the local hospital today confirmed that she has in fact broken it.  She will be absolutely fine and just has to have her toes strapped together for a couple of weeks.  On the plus side she is thrilled to be getting out of PE for a while.

Oh dear I knew I should have insisted that she keep those shoes on!


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