Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The new online shop is open ...

After weeks ... no... make that months of designing, creating and adding stock we finally 
have a new on line store.

You may have noticed that we have had the shop live for a couple of weeks already.  
We tried to add stock onto the site and keep it 'hidden' until we could check that everything worked properly but people found the new Christmas ranges that had come in by searching on Google.  Our system is set up in such a way that if we have added it to the store even though the product is 'hidden' it can still be accessed via a back door i.e. by searching for it on a search engine.  Most certainly a lesson learnt there!  In the end we decided that we might as well make it live even though it did not have much stock loaded.

Anyway we are open at last!  We still have a huge amount of stock to add on (especially the craft stock) which will realistically still take several weeks to complete but we are almost there.

We have a new facility now which we did not have with the old site in that you will be able to earn points every time you shop.  These points can be used to either pay or part pay for item/s when ever you want and can be used to pay for any product or products (apart from carriage costs).

I hope that you like looking around the new site.  Until 18th December if you use the code above when you check out you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase.  That applies to all items not just craft supplies so if you are looking for a new chair or a new bed then you can use the code to get the discount as well.

Happy Crafting
Teresa xx


  1. Teresa! I think that this new is a fantastic new! Do you remember me? Maria, from Spain. Two years ago I was living in Luton and I went to your shop ( love your shop!)

    If you send your products to Spain and the shipping is not very expensive, I would like buy in your online shop when I need.

  2. Hi Maria

    Of course I remember you how are you? Hope all of the studying is going well. You said that you might be back in England again sometime. Are you planning to visit soon?

    Thanks so much for stopping by the on line shop. I would certainly be able to send to Spain for you. The cost would depend on the weight but I could find out for you before shipping an order.

    Thanks again, so glad that you got in touch!

  3. It´s fantastic! This afternoon I see the online shop for my christmas... ;)

    I thought to go to England this year 2012 for some mounths (like in 2010), but with my work I cannot it. However I hope that I can go to visit in a future...

    Thank you very much! Bye bye!

  4. Hi Maria

    Hope you come to visit if you do manage to get a trip over here! x