Thursday, 19 September 2013

Creations with Apertures #1 ...

We all love to make aperture cards because they look just that little bit extra special ... Of course there are many brands of aperture cards on the market that have the usual oval, circle, square or rectangle cut out of the front ... but ... if you own a few punches or dies and a die cutting machine it is really easy to create your own unique aperture cards.

Over the next week I have several aperture cards to show you which have all been created with either punches or the Spellbinders dies.

Today's card is a floral aperture card with a patchwork effect.  

You will need a selection of floral punches or dies to be able to create this card.  If you are using punches remember that unless you have the type of punch that can punch anywhere on the page you will be restricted by how far into your card your punch will go.  This will determine where you place your punch to create your flower apertures.

Once you have created your collection of flower apertures, edge around each flower with a small running stitch effect (using a gel pen).  I also added some free hand cut triangles for bunting and used some letter stickers from my craft box to create the sentiment (small letter stamps would work just as well).

Once you are happy with the front of your card you can move inside to create a patchwork effect using coordinating papers.  

When cutting your papers you will get a better result if you use a paper trimmer or a knife and ruler to ensure that you get a straight line.  Otherwise the papers will not 'line up' when you add them to the inside of the card and the overall effect will look less professional.

Work all over the inside of the card adding papers (and checking that papers do not join each other within the aperture area as you do not want to be able to see the joins through the flowers when the card is closed).

When the patchwork effect is finished add a zigzag stitch across the joins of paper.  

I also added a small square of white card so that I could add a message at a later date.

 Close the card and add another running stitch with the gel pen around the inside edge of the flowers to define the flowers a little more.  

Finally add a button in the center of each flower and the card is complete.

I hope you enjoy having a go!  

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