Friday, 25 January 2013

Back to normal ...

We're back from the Furniture show ... The shop is open as usual and orders are shipping on a same day dispatch again.    We had a lovely time and the snow was kind to us. We saw some wonderful products which will fit in with the 'new look Philpotts' and which will be coming into stock very soon!  I am looking forward to sharing the new items with you over the next few weeks.

It's still cold around here and we are due more snow today ... We are keeping warm as we are busy making space for our beautiful new painted furniture which is due to arrive around the middle of February and which is going into a showroom behind the craft shop and workshop.  We have been waiting for this furniture for about 4 months as each piece has been painted especially for us.  When we placed the order I must admit that I thought 4 months was such a long time to wait but gosh the time has just flown.  

I hope you are still enjoying the cold weather.  Hopefully it's all going to change soon and we will start to get some sunshine.  I can't wait to see all the lovely VW vans which come out of hibernation in the Spring to start the first of many journeys on the motorways!

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