Thursday, 11 October 2012

Busy Weekend

 On Monday we are visiting our first Antiques and Collectors fair  in Redbourn.  I am excited about going along not only for the selling but also I love browsing all of the lovely stalls looking for my next item of furniture to restore and repaint.

I use Farrow and Ball paint on all of the pieces as not only is there a super colour range but I think that the paint can take some knocks and bumps and still looks freshly painted.  This is probably why I use it to paint doors, windows and furniture at home as well as the walls.  Living with 2 children and 2 dogs mean that we need a paint that can stand the test of time!

I have items placed all over the workshop depending on where they are in the restoration process, some waiting to be sanded, some waiting to be painted or dry some requiring a little more restoration.  These pieces get passed to Mr P. to breathe a little new life into them before they come to me to add the colour and waxing.

Here are my multicoloured drawers waiting to go back into the little merchant chest...

My kitchen table which started life as a very orange varnished pine table ...

A beautiful Swedish Dinco chair which when the seat was cleaned and waxed has shown the most stunning grain running through the wood ...

If I am honest I keep pushing the chair closer to the door or the workshop in the hope that I can convince Mr P. to let me take it home!

The show starts at 8am at the Hertfordshire Showground this Monday 15th October.  I have still got so much to do and will be working all over the weekend adding the final touches to pieces. 

Gosh, so much work, time for a cup of tea I think!...

Hope to see you at the show if you can stop by!

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