Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween ...

It's lunch time already today and we have only just arrived at the warehouse.  I promised the girls a day of celebrations rather than work today as they are very excited about Halloween tonight. 

This morning after breakfast the girls carved their pumpkins (with a little help from Daddy!) and now they sit proudly by the wood burner in the living room waiting to be lit later.

  Every year at Halloween the girls have a little chocolate treasure hunt around the house in their costumes as nobody really 'trick or treats' in our village.  The girls never mind that they don't get to go knocking on other people's doors as they know that they are always guaranteed some chocolate to fill their buckets!

We have come along to the warehouse for a couple of hours to get orders out and then we are off home to put up the decorations and have ourselves a little party!


We have also finally managed to get round to baking our Christmas cake this week
{a little late this year but better late than never}.

This Year Mr P. wanted to have a go at baking it and the finished result looks and smells gorgeous.  We always use my Mum's recipe which never fails to produce a lovely moist cake. 

We always tweak the ingredients a little as we add cranberries, dried cherries and nuts which is not part of the actual recipe but makes the most wonderful cake.

This year the cake is going to be extra, extra special as Mr P.  decided that the recipe did not call for enough brandy and so soaked the fruit in the best part of a small bottle. 

I cannot wait to taste it but I don't think that I had better drive for a while afterwards!

Hope you  have a lovely Halloween!

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