Sunday, 3 August 2014

A Midsummer's day themed card.

For those of you who follow this blog regularly you will know that I quite often use Woodware stamps in my projects. There is a wonderful selection of designs to choose from.  They always give a super impression when stamped and they are always such good value.  

Having said all of that you can imagine how delighted I was when the lovely Dorothy from Woodware approached me and asked if I would choose the topic for their regular 'weekly project theme' over on their Blog as well as design a themed card for them to share with their readers.

I chose is 'A Midsummer's day' for my theme and here is my card design...

The card gives a lovely 3D effect but will lie flat to go in an envelope.

materials used:

Begin the card by cutting 2 blue squares and 2 beige squares of card from the Textura cardstock paper pads. Each square will need to be 4.5cm x 4.5cm

Use a corner rounder to round the two opposite corners on each piece of cardstock.

You will see that when positioned they will look a little like petals on a flower (note there are only three here and you will need four).  

Once you have all four pieces take the Going to Seed stamp and stamp part of the design onto each petal.  {Note: When I stamped I used the tip of the stamp so that the stamped area was not too crowded}.

Once you have stamped all four pieces with a black Brilliance ink pad edge with a little peanut brittle ink and a blending sponge and stick all four pieces in a square towards the top of the base card with double sided tape.

{see first picture for guidance on how to position the petals}

For the moment you can set the base card aside so that you can move onto the butterfly.

This is created by stamping the butterfly from the Butterfly collage art stamp set onto white cardstock with the Peanut brittle memento and then again onto acetate with a Black Stazon ink pad.  

{Note: Stamping onto acetate will take a little practice as it is quite easy for the stamp to slip as you apply the image.  It may help to lightly sand the acetate first with a sanding block to create a little more texture before stamping.  Alternatively it may help to ink up the stamp and then lay it upside down on the table(with the stamped image upper most) place the acetate over the top of the stamp pressing down lightly with another acrylic block or something else that is hard and flat.}

Once you have stamped both images trim them out leaving a small edge all around. You will see that I left the antennae on the acetate butterfly but cut them off on the brown butterfly.

There are several ways to attach the acetate butterfly to the one below.  You could use a brad, glue or tape although the later methods might not be particularly neat with the adhesive or tape showing through etc.

Using a stapler to hold the acetate butterfly in place is a secure method and your butterfly is unlikely to come off when the card goes through the post.

 To apply, take the acetate butterfly and fold it in the middle (give it a good crease at this stage).  

Open the butterfly out and hold it in place over the cardstock butterfly (don't worry if you have not cut the two pieces exactly the same and they do not match up exactly). Push the stapler over the butterfly (from the side so that the staple is vertical) and staple both butterflies together over the body area.  Once stuck refold the butterfly to add lift.

This can then be stuck to the card as shown in the first picture with double sided tape.  I don't mind the look of the staple but you can easily cover this if you are not so keen with a few self adhesive pearls (if the pearls do not stick to your staple very well then a touch of liquid glue underneath them will do the trick).

The Going to Seed Stamp set does contain a choice of sentiments that you could use but I love my Special Wishes stamp set and so used the 'Best Wishes' sentiment from there.  This was stamped with a black Brilliance ink pad.

Finally I used a white gel pen to add a stitched effect along the spine of the card and around the petals.


I hope that you enjoy having a go at the card.  If anyone has any specific problems or queries then feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will try to help.

Happy crafting!

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